image of dartboard

The first recorded game of darts was in Dartford (hence its name). The dartboard itself may have its origins in the cross section of a tree. An old name for a dartboard is a 'butt', and from this, folk etymology infers that the bottoms of wine barrels were the original dartboards; this word in fact comes, via archery, from the French word butte, meaning target.

Where we play

The Club's dartboard is now a permanent fixture in our Bar. Here you can have your game relatively undisturbed away from the main bar. There are facilities for scoring, and there's plenty of room for spectators.

Join the Club

We are currently looking to recruit new teams and players, novice or experienced for this season and beyond.
If you are interested in joining the club see barstaff and ask for a form


Download a form here

Our facilities are first rate and we'd be very interested in anyone forming a new team or an established team looking to relocate. Mens, Ladies and mixed teams welcome.

Age restrictions do not apply playing darts at the club although this may not be the case at away venues.

Teams are offered dedicated pages just like this one on our website regularly updated with fixtures, results, photos and contact information.