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Here at the club we keep a small amount of confidential information about our members. It's usually information that members have provided in the course of their application for club membership, such as their car registration if they have one and use our car park, their occupation so that they can be given the opportunity to quote for essential club services where available, their address so that we may write to them, or their email address for receipt of our newsletter. This information has been given to us freely during the course of their application and isn't shared with anyone.

From time to time members may change this information, change what information we send them, or even remove it from our records if they wish. Use this form or write to us at the address below.

Our Contact Details

The Copper HouseClub
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West Midlands, United Kingdom

P: (opening hours only) 07494 278276

E: info@copperhouseclub.co.uk