Club Membership

Membership Renewal

Membership renewal is currently £10.00 payable annually in January

Becoming a New Member

New membership will commence in January 2024.

New Membership is £10.00 plus a £5 joining fee

The easiest way to join is by calling into the Club and asking the barstaff for an application form, or you can download a couple in pdf file format if you click on the link below and print it from your computer.

You will need two existing members signatures, one to propose you and the other to second you.

Download a Membership Application Form here

Then simply return your form along with £10.00 for your first annual subscription (returnable if application is unsuccessful) PLUS £5.00 joining fee and hand it in at the bar.

Your name will then be posted on the notice board for a period of 2 weeks. Provided there have been no objections to you becoming a member, you may then collect your club cards from the Secretary. You will have a period of 2 months from the date of your application to collect your club cards. Failure to do so will result in you having to re-apply and forfeiting your advancement of subscriptions.

Processing typically takes 2 or 3 weeks.